Monday, December 7, 2009

Some of the fish in the 35 gallon tank

So these are some of my fish in the 35 gallon. Zoie is the goldfish and hes very camera shy, Maria (his girl) on the other hand is far from it and loves getting her picture taken.
Pav is the little dwarf blackmoore. Hes never gotten bigger than an inch ever since I bought him and leveled out on his size just 2 months after I got him, that was 10 months ago.
Aphrodite is our beautiful female Betta we saved from imminent death at a Petco in boulder and has been doing great. We recently got her some more girlfriends that when they're big enough can hang out together in the 150 gallon tank.
The striped Raphael is Momo, shes about 6 months old and is waiting for a mate so we also got her some more friends that she'll meet when they get bigger and will be added to the 150 gallon too. The little striped raphael's are RoShinko and Leon.
Not pictured though we have 2 barbs as well, Coke and Fixx because they're always so hyper and look like they're tweaking out most of the time.
Then theres also 2 bumblebee catfish who are always very skittish and hidden who don't really have names because we can't remember them.
Then theres the 4 loaches; Yin, Yang, Twist and Sokkera
And the last Pleco (the albino one recently died :{) named

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