Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some new pictures from the tanks

Fish pictures to the right: I was finally able to get a good picture of the newer little guppies only one of which is visible in the picture. They're very fast and were completely translucent for the first week and a half.

Next is a good shot of the puffers together, Julio & Miu. Both of which are very smart and interesting fish who seem to have a lot of personality but are also very reserved and seem to stay on the opposite side of the tank a lot of the time. It should be interesting to follow these two and see what develops with them, I have to admit I was never sure about getting them but now that we have them they've already proven to be some of our most distinct and fascinating fish.

Below the puffers is a good shot of the high fin tetra's which are incredibly camera shy and seem to make it a point to be skittish and hide whenever anyone approaches the tank. Thus I can never seem to get a good picture of them as my camera is rather slow on the draw.

Momo is on the left with the two loaches, which is rather funny considering we’re fairly certain she ate the other two!

Below is the silver tipped sharks just a really good picture of them that I didn’t know I got with the camera.

Below the sharks is a funny shot of Sid staring at this new creature that was just dropped into the tank debating if he should eat him or not or even how to handle this situation. We went and added ghost shrimp to the tanks, Sid obviously had no idea what to do with him so he watched him and followed the shrimp for over 2 hours.

All of our little fish

Below is a complete listing of all our fish in their perspective tanks and what species of fish they are:

Fish Names:
35 Gal

Yuna & Rikku ( Hi-Fin Black Tetra )
Setsuka & Sakura ( Black Khli Loach)
Sarendok ( Common Pleco )
Maria & Zoie ( FAncy Tail GoldFish)
Pav ( Dwarf BLack Moore)
Aphrodite ( Female Betta )
Cherry ( Red Rosey Minnow)
Coke & Fix ( Tiger Barbs)
Momo ( Stripped Raphael Catfish)
Hades & Dante (Bumble Bee Catfish )
Ghost Shrimp

5 Gal (1)
Alexander (Male betta)
Dover ( Long Fin Rosey Barbs)

5 Gal (2)
Moe, Larry, & Shrimp (Zebra Danio)
Skipper ( Long Fin Danio)
Spit ( Yellow Tail Guppy)
Sprinkle & Spangler ( Delta Tail Guppy)
Some Baby Guppies
Black Mystery Snail

10 Gal (Brackish Tank 1)
Pauvlou & Sokka ( Silver Tipped Sharks)
Ghost Shrimp

10 Gal ( Brackish Tank 2)
Julio & Miu (Spotted Puffer Fish)

10 Gal
Cid & Irska ( Golden Wonder Killifish)
Pogo ( Male Betta)
Leon & Rhizchinko ( Stripped Raphael Catfish)
AL (Chinese Algae Eater)
A ghost Shrimp
Ivory Snails

20 Gal
Jasper, Michelangelo,& Angstrom (Red Cap Oranda Fantail Goldfish)
Individual, Current, & Thatch ( Common Goldfish)
Sparkles, Moraine, N'navene, & Edgwene (Diamond Tetras)
Tiny ( Lemon Tetra)
Pepper ( Long Fin Pepper Cory Cat)
Salt ( Albino Cory Cat)
Ezmorra (Emerald Cory Cat)
Chaz (Panda Cory Cat)
Kari & Melon ( Female Betta)
Slacker (1) & Slacker (2) (Otocinclus catfish)