Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Finally decided to update this blog after a long time and moving. I recently moved so a lot has changed and I made the executive decision that it was long since overdue to downsize on how many fish tanks I was running. We were running 10 fish tanks simultaneously at one point which just about became a full time job between feeding, water changes and full blown cleaning and started to become overwhelming! As such we eventually collapsed all the fish tanks into one 46 gallon bow front tank which looks very active and fun. Over the last month though we decided to go to the fish auction just cause it was fun and after five hours ended up with about 10 new plants and 15 new fish which of course necessitates setting up another tank. Needless to say we now have 3 tanks running again (a 10 gallon saltwater gig that Jerry runs) a 30 gallon fresh water heavily planted tank for an endangered species, and the 46 gallon which has been re-aquascaped and which many of the bottom dwellers have undone a couple of times now. 

More pictures to follow in a bit here along with some new and helpful remedies that'll help fellow aqua hobbyists with fish ailments, plants, sustained growth, filtration technology and updates on equipment and maintenance tips to keep those tanks happy, healthy and with sustained growth. 

Thanks for reading!