Friday, December 11, 2009

Some better pictures of my fish

These are some pictures of the other fish in the 35 gallon.

The first one is one of the Loaches we have 4. Without a doubt they’re some of my favorite fish to watch. Its really neat watching them come out at night and swim in a group of four in the currents.

The second is my favorite goldfish, Pav who’s actually a dwarf Blackmoore and has remained the same size since I bought him almost 8 months ago.

The next one is Maria who only continues to get bigger and bigger. And is probably the single biggest cause of my frequent water changes to keep the Ammonia level down. Her and Zoie (the other goldfish) are by far the most veracious eaters of all the fish in the tank.

And the last one is Momo my boyfriend’s favorite catfish by far. She’s also quite the personality and will come out during the day or at night and look for food, wait for her mate, or have fun swimming in circles amongst the current. She loves her head that you can see in some of the pictures and often won’t budge even when you trying to remove her. She always a lot of fun to watch and also acts as my first indicator telling me when its time to do a water change as her colors will turn more pale.

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